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Meet Our Trainers

Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark joined Arenal Fitness as a coach in early 2020. This experience is the culmination of years of personal discovery and three years of mostly sedentary living abroad in Doha, Qatar. During his time as an expat, Andrew was exposed to CrossFit and committed himself to trying it upon moving to Baltimore in 2017. The next few years saw Andrew go from being a casual member to pursuing his Level 1 CrossFit certification after experiencing the life-changing potential of the sport and wanting to serve others.

Outside the gym Coach Andrew works as a Marketing Strategist for Towson-based agency, Duckpin. This role sees him developing and managing marketing, PR, and advertising campaigns for clients, ranging from sailboats to legal teams.

In addition to work and coaching, Andrew enjoys cycling around the city, dorking out to history books and museums, punk rock, and maintaining a straight edge lifestyle.

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