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Meet Our Trainers

Donna Pierce

Being born with a congenital heart defect and never being able to participate in activities, my life was a bit different than a typical kid.  I got my masters degree in Gerontology and began a career with a passion to keep this population engaged and active in hopes to prolong their quality of life. 


I underwent a life-changing heart valve replacement surgery in 2000. This gave me the physical and mental freedom and a whole new outlook and drive in life to where not only could I push my own activity to levels I never thought possible but, I also changed my career, moved across the country to be closer to my family, and begin a career on the side of preventative care by working in a commercial fitness center.  


Starting my new phase of life, I worked in various medical wellness programs specializing in cardiac rehab, stroke, diabetes, and more as well as getting certified in over 10 different specialties in the fitness industry.  I personally participated in a marathon to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of my heart surgery but have completed several century bike rides, triathlons, adventure races, medaled in 18 different events at the Transplant Games in 2018, and more.


Having the expertise both personally and professionally with certifications from strength and conditioning, to post rehab for both medical and orthopedic needs, to sports specific training, to where I am today in applying functional fitness training methodologies to not only my own training but to a wide variety of demographics in my client base as well, I am living a life I never thought possible! 

train to LIVE

In addition to being Level 1 CrossFit instructors, I also hold the following certifications:

  • CrossFit Kettlebells

  • CrossFit Mobility

  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting

  • CrossFit Kids

  • CrossFit Football

  • Conditioning Exercise Specialist

  • Post-Rehab Exercise Specialist

  • Medical Exercise Specialist

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