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Meet Our Trainers

Duane Graves

I’ve had a passion for strength and conditioning since middle school sports. I started CrossFit in January 2013 as an athlete looking for another way to supplement my fitness after a military career. After participating in an introduction class, I was hooked and immediately signed up for a three week fundamental course at my local gym. This experience reminded me of the push I needed throughout most days of my time in the  military. To look left and right and see someone push themselves past a threshold, it was astonishing to me. After a year, I knew I needed additional development of my movements, so I decided to sign up for my Level 1 Certification. I walked out of that class, not only with an appreciation for the movements, but a better understanding of the passion and care that goes into coaching. That weekend opened my eyes and made it less about my fitness journey, but more about the foundation and culture of the sport. Every CrossFit athlete knows what it is like to cheer until the last rep and athlete are completed, but looking at it from a coach’s eye makes it all that more priceless. I’m dedicated to seeing athletes meet their goals of being better than yesterday! It simply makes me smile! So much so, I became a CrossFit affiliate owner for seven years, which also led to my daughter’s love in fitness and her ultimately becoming a CF 1 trainer. My hobbies outside the gym will always be family (can’t forget the dogs too), travel, and Philly sports. Fly Eagles Fly! 

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