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Meet Our Trainers

Ken Pierce

I’ve been doing CrossFit since 2012, but have always been fitness & sports minded. When I was a kid, I played organized baseball and hockey. In college at West Virginia University, I was on my school’s bowling, racquetball, and volleyball clubs. Then in Grad School at Arizona State University, I found Ultimate Frisbee and played on the ASU club team. It was here that I really learned that as I was getting older, there was a real need to cross train in the gym to have an edge on the field. The better shape I was in, the less I would get injured playing sports.

Come to present day and I am still actively involved in competitive Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball and CrossFit. While I had always gone to the gym to work on my cardio and strength routines, it wasn’t until I was introduced to CrossFit that I really felt as if I found my niche. I loved the variety of CrossFit. No longer am I stuck in the same old routine in the gym; 30 minutes or so of cardio then back/biceps, chest/triceps, & leg days. CrossFit’s variety and functional movement goals have made me much more stronger than I’ve ever been before!

I got my CrossFit Level I Certification in 2014 and thoroughly enjoy teaching people about CrossFit. Whether it be in Personal Training, CrossFit Classes, Basics, or spreading the word to my friends and new people I meet…I feel that Functional Training is the best way to achieve total body Fitness.

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