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Meet Our Trainers

Marcie Plotkin

I started Crossfit over 10 years ago, and knew from the beginning that I loved this form of exercise! I had been exercising for a long time, doing cardio machines, traditional weight training, etc...but often got bored. I loved the fact that with this form of exercise, I never got bored! It just kept me going, and every time I saw a new "WOD" or "Workout of the Day", I wanted to tackle it. Incorporating cardio, resistance training, flexibility, and various other facets of exercise into a workout continues to present challenges, achievements, and variation. The motivation just keeps coming! I knew that I wanted not only to continue with this, but I wanted to learn it, teach it, and encourage others to join in. This community is supportive, positive, welcoming, and encouraging. I love that each athlete is achieving their goals at their own pace and fitness level, but doing it together with a group that understands this and is doing the same. And, I enjoy guiding athletes through these processes and seeing the satisfaction in their faces.

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