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Meet Our Trainers

Yvette Nash

CrossFit Certified Level 1

In an attempt to defy my inner gaming geek, I started working out in a typical fashion, with nautilus machines and biceps curls. I did this, on and off, at every strip mall, globo gym you’ve heard of for years. In my early 20’s I was diagnosed with adult-onset Type I diabetes which increased my desire to be fitter. Having achieved only a mediocre level of fitness and with a pocket protector still firmly in place, I set out to change my boring exercise routine. I stumbled across CrossFit in 2009 like most people, and in proper gamer girl form, via the internet. I was immediately intrigued by what I saw and read. After a few basic classes, there was no turning back. Joining Arenal in 2010 was my official entrance into the CrossFit world and community. The caliber of instruction I received from my Arenal instructors fueled my passion for fitness and nutrition. I have been inspired to learn about clean, healthy eating and my blood sugar control is the best it has ever been. I received my Level 1 certification in 2011, and love helping others reach their fitness goals.

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