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Open Gym Membership


per month


24/7 Key Fob Access

Open Gym Independent Workouts

6 Month Commitment

Access to a Variety of Gym Equipment

All Inclusive Membership


per month

$245 for the first month

4 Hour Long Basics Sessions in the First Month

Unlimited Classes

24/7 Key Fob Access


Open Gym Independent Workouts

All Access Pass


for 10 visits

10 Visit Punch Card

Can Use on Classes or for Open Gym Independent Workouts

Valid for 6 Months

All Inclusive Membership

Includes unlimited classes and 24/7 "Open Gym" key fob access for independent exercise.  The first month is $245 which includes the cost of 4 Basics sessions scheduled by appointment and the remainder of the first month of unlimited classes. 

During the 4 Basics sessions, we will teach you the fundamental CrossFit movements so that you have more of a comfort level once you enter the classes. We are using this time to observe how you are moving and helping you to find ways that you can increase range of motion in order to be able to directly apply what you learn in the gym to how you function in your everyday life.

Coming in with CrossFit experience, you can choose to go through our Basics Challenge instead of our full Basics program.  We will review your current skill level and teach you kettlebell specific movements beyond the basic swings.  It is 1 hour scheduled by appointment for $90.

The cost is $189 per month. This membership is month-to-month. You just need to provide us with 30 days' notice to make any changes to the agreement.

All Inclusive
How to Get Started:

Step 1:  Click here to create your online account.

Step 2: Click here to purchase your All Inclusive Membership.

Step 3: Email Lauren and Donna with the general days and times you are available over the next 2 weeks to schedule your four, 1-hour Basics sessions,

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